Turning a Vision into Reality

Since 2014 they have been the directors of the facility and help manage Old Oak Events. Christine is a great person to bounce ideas off of  and will always try to accommodate your every need. Chris's goal is to make every one of your ideas come to fruition. If it is in the realm of possibilities, he will do his very best to make it happen!

Chris & Christine Khan
Executive Director & Guest Services

Making Dreams Come True

This newly married couple knows all the necessities to help make your big day perfect! For their own wedding Rian did a completely Pinterest inspired DIY event. She is a people person and is constantly looking for creative ways to help out. Johnny is an organized planner and will help make sure your day goes smoothly. They were the very first couple to have their wedding at

Old Oak Events and are always willing to share some tips and tricks!

Rian & Johnny Khan 
Creative Coordinator & Administrative Supervisor

Excellence With Every Bite

Always trying to bring joy to everyone he meets, Randy is our Executive Chef at Old Oak Events. Since 2009 he has been at the facility working with a variety of people to make sure every meal he serves is to their liking. A friendly attitude and a go getter, Randy is the perfect guy for all your culinary needs.

Randy Kjer
Executive Chef

Creating Only the Best Dishes

David provides an outstanding presentation that will leave you and your guests in awe. With every cuisine he creates, it will leave you wanting more! He is very good at communicating to make sure all dietary needs are met. Personable, young, and full of fresh ideas, he will work with you to ensure everything is to your liking. 

David Malpica
Culinary Arts Professor & Chef

Helping Plan Stress Free

These two gals are the perfect package deal! Alora and Zahara are constantly looking for

ways to make your big day run as smooth and seamless as possible. Alora's willingness and bubbly personality is complimented wonderfully by Zahara's kind hearted spirit and attentiveness. They are both great communicators and work as a team to make your event as stress free and organized as they can. 

Alora Olschowka & Zahara Smith
Detail Specialist & Organizer

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